Japanese slots variants

Japanese slots are better known under the name pachisuro, pachislo or pachinko. On the territory of Japan slot machines are considered to be absolutely new stuff and are found in the majority of parlors for pachinko and the sections for adults in amusement arcades also known to be the gaming centers https://craps-casino.jp/.

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Slots features

Unlike UK slots, all slot machines are considered to be regulated with the help of integrated circuits. They also have several levels of varying odds. The level can provide the steady outcome from about 90 percent to 160. It is significant that Japanese slots are really considered to be beatable, indeed. The operators of the gaming establishments intentionally set the machines in the most crowded places in order for at least someone to win and in such a way to encourage the other gamers to keep gambling. The psychology of the gambler's trickery is working here very well.


Notwithstanding the fact that there are a lot of various kinds of the slots gambling, all of them are subdued to the particular set of the rules. They are regulated by the National Police Agency:

  • 3 reels must be in slots.
  • All reels must be accompanied by the levers or buttons to stop them.
  • Reels cannot rotate faster than 80 revolutions per 1 minute.
  • Reels must stop within 0, 19 seconds after the button press.
  • No more than fifteen coins can be repaid per 1 game.
  • Credit meter may not go further than 50, 3 max wager, etc.

Thus, practically it means that the slots cannot let the spinning reels spit out more than four images. In addition, notwithstanding the fact that the fifteen coin repay seems to be ridiculously small, the slots gambling regulation allows big bonuses and regular slot bonus. For instance, if the slots are in the bonus mode, the gamer can be entertained with the help of various special entertaining scenes shown on LSD displays, uplifting music, etc.

Another significant feature of the slots in Japan is the feature called stock or renchan. In the majority of the slots the bonus is not awarded immediately in the case when enough money is taken in to afford the bonus. Thus, with the help of the above mentioned slots feature it is possible to win money by means of simply playing slots on which someone just has lost the lump sum of money. In brief the regulations that allow the above mentioned features managed to transform the games into hardcore real gambling.