Random number generator review

Random number generator is considered to be really the heart in modern slots design. If the gamer wants to beat the most up to dated machine, he sure has to know how the RNG is working.


All modern slots are said to be designed with the usage of the pseudorandom generators. These number generators constantly generate the random numbers with the rate of about hundreds or even thousands numbers per second. Once the button is pushed the most recent generated number is going to be used for outcome determination. It means that the result is sure to vary depending on when the exact game is conducted. Second later or earlier and the outcome will be quite different.

It is important to know that all good slots contain the RNG implementation because all PRNGs may eventually repeat the number sequences and in the case of short period or the PRNG is flawed, the gamer will have an opportunity to predict the out coming result.

It is interesting to know that the former programmer of slots Ronald Harris managed to discover the special equation for particular gambling games, for example, Keno. Онлайн рулетка. His discovering enables him to predict the next set of out coming selected numbers that are based on the games played previously.

However, a lot of slots are constructed with the intention to generate the new and new numbers even when the slots are not played. That is why the player cannot predict the outcome; the sequences are not available for him.

The way it functions

The moment the player makes his bet and spins the slots reels, the computer algorithm defines the result of the spin. It is possible through the computer program called random number generator that generates numerous numbers. One of the generated numbers is considered to be for the one particular reel and is already algorithmically plotted to the stop position of each reel. The plotting is the dividing result of the random number generated by 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, or 12 or 5.

As soon as the RNG generated the number by means of the above mentioned factors, the resulting value remainder represents the stop number. It is compared to the machine's lookup table. The table lists the image for each reel that should emerge given certain stop number.