Slot bonus

Slot bonus features are considered to be the key features to be involved in the slots gambling. The feature includes the evidences about how the game is conducted, the provided rewards and the slots that are used in gaming activities.

Slots types dispose the range of important features that can ensure that the player is playing and entertain him while playing. That is why slots are usually alluring and captivating to make the gambler pay more and more. Traditionally some free spins as the bonus feature are the means of the player's attraction.


There are many remunerations and slot bonus features that can be offered to the gamers. Bonuses play important role in involvement of the gamers. It is possible to make an example of the slot bonus of 100 percent on the amount that the gamer buys to about 400 dollars. It may mean that if the player pays 400 dollars, he will be given another 400 dollars as the reward in such a way earning up to 800 dollars. It is considered to be the slot bonus feature given at 100 percent matches. Traditionally, such machines are put in the casinos to prove the attendants that the people are winning in slots. Such machines are referred to the so called loose machines.

Free spins

Free spins are also considered to be the slot feature that attracts the gamers. Free spins are given by casino slots in order for the player not to lose any cash but have a chance to win in slots. The free spins are considered to be the main part of the bonus slots. Such slots are usually sought after by players. Traditionally, the free spins can be given after the main slots rounds are over as some additional chance. Hence, free spins are given only under condition of the prior rounds participation.

Types of rounds

There is a range of round bonus types that may depend on the percentage of the given bonus and the player's bet amount. The percentage bonus is considered to be better than the ordinary bonus that is mostly based on the coin amount the player inserted. Bonus rounds are really exciting to gamble, and some gamblers enjoy them so much that sometimes enter the game simply to reach these rounds or even resort to slot machine cheats.

Slots can feature the variety of single and multiple bonus types:

  • Single bonus

These are very common rounds and very popular, in addition. Such a round rewards the gamer up to the max 100 percent of the played amount.

  • Multiple round

Rounds with multiple bonuses reward the gamer more than 100 percent of the played amount.

  • Trigger bonuses

It is one of the best bonus rounds. It is highly rewarding bonus of 200 percent or more. Mostly found on loose slots.