Slot machine reels review

Slot machine reels are considered to be the integral part of the slots machine. Unlike the physical slots reels that have twenty two images of stops on it, the online casino slots that may consist of from 32 to 256 or even more virtual slot machine reels. The virtual stops are correspondent to one of the images on the physical reels.

3 reel machines

Prior to the modern slots, all mechanical slots used revolving reels to define and then display the result of the rounds. Though the very original slot machine used 5 reels with images, simpler and reliable, reel slots became the standard.

The only problem with the 3 reel slots is the fact that the combination number can be cubic only. Thus, the original 3 reel slots with 3 physical reels and ten images on them had only 1 hundred possible combinations. This fact limited the producers' ability to make larger jackpots as far as the rare event could possibly happen only once in 1 hundred plays. The max theoretical repayment assuming the 100 percent return to the gamer would probably be 10 hundred combinations that still limited the possibilities of jackpot, as well as the possible outcomes number.

Electronic era

Thus, in 1980s, the manufacturers resorted to the electronic implementation in the slots machine production and also programmed them to be equal to particular images. Appearing on the play line the odds of losing the images became disproportionate to their real frequency on the actual physical reel. The image would only emerge only once on the reel displayed to the gamer, but indeed could occupy few stops on the multiple reels.

Telnaes Patent

It is interesting to know that in 1984, Telnaes Inge received a patent for the device that was titled "Utilizing the Random Number Generator Electronic Gaming Device for Selecting Reel Stop Positions." Furthermore, International Gaming Technology - IGT managed to buy the patent of Telnaes. Even now all slot machines manufacturers using what turned out to be known as Talneas mapping (reel mapping) have to get a license from IGT to use the patent. This device was allowed for the so called virtual reel creation and marked the new page in the slots history - the beginning of online slots computerized era. With this, any manufacturer could easily offer even jackpot of a million dollar from a 1 dollar bet, being confident that it will probably happen only every 16,7 million games.