Straight slots review

Straight slots are also known as the flat rate slot machines. Straight slots mostly use the particular schedule in the machine itself for payouts calculation. It is also the category of slots that usually indicate the jackpot type that is repaid by means of the particular game played. The name straight traditionally indicates that the jackpot on the slot game is unchangeable and constant, unlike progressive slots.

This type of the slots offers the payouts and slots bonus according to posted in the front of the table schedule. However, each slot may differ and there are no similar slot machines at all. Simply in order to understand every single slots game the player can become familiar with the table of payouts.


According to the abovementioned repayment schedule, there are 4 straight slots types.

1. Multiplier slots

This type of slots usually makes use of the used number of coins for the payout calculation. For instance, if the player pays 1 coin, and the slots pay 5 for 3 lemons, the player is sure to receive 15 coins if the player played 3 coins. Thus, it is easy for playing as it multiples the repay depending only on the coin number that was inserted.

2. Bonus slot type

This type of slots works traditionally like simple multiple slots with the only exception. The player can get higher bonuses for the max number of the inserted coins. It is essential to read first the max amount of coins on the slots. The additional features that have such slots enable the players to game in the bonus rounds each time the player wagers the maximum coin number.

3. Multiple pay line

These slot machines make use of the played number of coins the player pays for activation of all possible pay lines. Thus, the number of the lines activated may vary depending on the coin number deposited by the player. For example, if the player pays one coin and hits the combination in the line that is winning, but was not activated, the player gets nothing. As far as each of the slots vary, it is better to know the instructions regarding the payouts, wagers, and slot pay lines.

4. Buy a Pay

Buy a Pay slots require the gamer to learn the rules of each particular slot machine very carefully. Thus, this kind of straight slots may vary from each machine. If the gamer wants to pay such slots, he has to read the instructions carefully. In addition, there are specific coin numbers and combinations to be played. Be aware!